Celebrating and elevating women in the industry


The annual Women in Accounting Awards celebrates and acknowledges inspiring women across the accounting and bookkeeping industry.

Since 2018, these prestigious awards have shone a light on remarkable women who inspire others with their resilience, leadership, mentorship, and active participation in creating a more diverse and inclusive industry. Each year, hundreds of women are nominated by their colleagues and peers to be recognized as a Top 50 Women in Accounting.

In 2024, our focus is on women who serve as catalysts of change within the accounting and bookkeeping industry. These women are advocating for innovation, diversity, and inclusivity. These awards celebrate women who not only excel in their craft but also inspire others through their resilience, leadership, and mentorship, contributing to a more diverse and inclusive sector.

To drive meaningful and transformative change around this theme we’re partnering with our judging panel of industry experts and Top 50 alumni. Join us, as we share the stories of incredible women accountants and bookkeepers, and hold space for important discussions about gender, leadership, and confidence.

Most importantly, we invite you to nominate a leader or emerging leader from your current company, a former colleague, yourself or a peer as one of the Top 50 Women in Accounting for 2024.

Ignition proudly presents the The Women in Accounting Awards. At Ignition, we recognise the importance of initiatives and programs that influence diversity and help advance women into leadership roles, all of which accelerate the pace of change in the accounting industry.

Frequently asked questions

You can nominate a leader or an emerging leader from your current company, a former colleague, a peer, or self-nominate as one of the Top 50 Women in Accounting. The process of nominating is anonymous - but you’re welcome to reach out to let them know you’ve nominated them! Click here to complete the nomination form.

Please note: A submission needs to be made in order to be eligible, and all submissions must be finalized and received by August 2nd, 2024.

Yes - only nominees are offered the opportunity to provide a submission should they wish to participate in the awards. Each nominee will receive an email containing a nominee media kit and details on the submission process, encouraging them to enter the awards. Self nominations are accepted and encouraged, but in all cases, a submission needs to be made in order to be eligible.
You are welcome to make more than one nomination or nominate as many people as you like - in fact, we encourage recognizing as many women as you can. Making more than one nomination, however, does not increase the chances of being named in the Top 50 Women in Accounting. The Top 50 selection is based on the submission and judging process.
Winning an award or being named a nominee can provide a significant boost to your confidence and business, as it brings about well-deserved recognition amongst your peers. Being named in the Top 50 Women in Accounting offers excellent networking opportunities amongst our Top 50 Alumni, and you'll receive a media kit with social assets, certificate and badges to be able to display and spread the word amongst your community, network and peers.

You can find an overview of our judging panel, process and criteria here.

While we would love to give everyone feedback on their submission, unfortunately our judging panel are not always able to comment or provide feedback on each submission.

Be sure to answer all questions clearly, honestly and use the available word count to illustrate your points with relevant and practical examples. Remember that judges receive many submissions, so ensure that your submission is both informative and engaging. Including supporting documents can strengthen your submission, but ensure they are relevant to the questions at hand. Don't hesitate to reach out to colleagues and clients for testimonials and references to use within your supporting documents.

To enhance your submission, you may include supporting documents such as references, testimonials, statistics, video, media coverage etc. It's worth noting the are size restrictions on uploaded documents. If you encounter any issues uploading a document, please inform us. Judges tend to view supporting documents positively, therefore it's important to ensure their content, relevance, and format are appropriate.
The official deadline for the close of nominations and submissions can be found on the awards home page.