Top 50 Women in Accounting 2023

Here’s to the powerful change makers and trailblazers who have inspired us with their resilience, leadership, and mentorship in 2023. These are the incredible women who are driving diversity, equality and inclusion in accounting.


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The 2023 Top 50 Women in Accounting

Top 50 alumni

Women in Accounting has been championing the powerful female accountants and bookkeepers who have been driving meaning change since 2017. Meet our inspiring past winners.

  • "Every time I have made it onto the Top 50 Women in Accounting list, it’s helped me and helped my career. If we can shine a light and make it okay for women to say, ‘I am good at this’, then part of my work is done here with this initiative."

    Heather Townsend avatar
    Heather Townsend
    Award winning author
  • "Women tend to undervalue themselves. I strive to help them to see their value more clearly, and have the confidence to charge rates that allow them to build a successful and sustainable business."

    Teresa Slack avatar
    Teresa Slack
    CEO, Financly Bookkeeping Solutions
  • "Being included in the Top 50 Women in Accounting gave me the confidence that what I was doing was making a difference."

    Jo Doye avatar
    Jo Doye
    Founder, Alluvia Financial

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