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Today, we celebrate women who are leading the charge when it comes to advocacy, change and community

10 mins 10 Feb 2023 by Brooke Kayira
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The time has finally come to announce this year's Top 50 #WomeninAccounting!

We first launched the 'Women in Accounting' initiative on International Women's Day in 2018 as a way to honor and recognize women who are driving change and creating opportunities for the next generation within the Accounting and Bookkeeping industry.

While it's not possible to include every woman in the shortlist, we'd like to show our appreciation for all of the amazing women nominated by colleagues and friends for the work they do in their respective company and community.

Today, we'd like to recognise 50 women who are leading the charge when it comes to advocacy, change and community in their workplace and beyond.

Those included in the list ranked among the highest on our scoring system which took into account;

  • Video submission
  • Dedication to promoting inclusivity and driving change
  • Investment in next generation and the future of accounting
  • Involvement in an industry cause, initiative or community

Our judges have expressed how exciting and inspiring it was to hear about the ways in which each nominee is making her mark in the world of accounting, and how proud they were to engage in each nominees story.

On behalf of the Ignition team, I'd like to thank each of our Top 50 for the impact they're having in our global accounting community and beyond. We see you and we honor you.

Remember to keep the conversation going with the hashtag #WomenInAccounting.

From the judging panel

Madeline Pratt - Fearless in Training & Womxn Talk Money
"The future of the profession is bright with so many talented, caring and committed women putting in the work to drive progress, inclusion, and technology transformation for their clients and peers."
Alex Falcon Huerta - Soaring Falcon Accountancy
"What struck a chord with me is that these women were looking for a ‘safe place‘ to share their thoughts. It doesn’t need to be a closed door space and shut off from the world, but a space where women can be vocalised on public platforms so everyone can encourage and celebrate them."
Rebecca Mihalic - businessDEPOT & Ignition
“There was a clear uplifting common theme amongst the submissions, which was one of inclusion. These women are not aiming to promote themselves at the expense or exclusion of others, their purpose is about community and an investment in those around them and the future of our industry.”
Guy Pearson - Ignition
"We received such a large and diverse range of entries from women in and around the accounting industry. As a result we had to hold a much higher bar on the applicants and looked at those really going above and beyond - helping the accounting community, their own team/clients, and the greater external community to improve the world of financial literacy and the impact the numbers can make. Well done ladies, it's an honour and privilege to sit in your shadow."
Liz Mason
High Rock Accounting - Phoenix, US
"Investing in and advocating for the next generation to me means being vocal in promoting technology adoption and positive, productive change to ensure future accountants inherit the best profession possible."

Aly Garrett
All In Advisory - Adelaide, AU

"As the founder of All In Advisory it is my role to lead authentically, passionately, deliberately and participatively. I do this by valuing diversity of thought and encouraging the team to do things differently."


Sharon Critchlow
Discover Your Bounce for Business Ltd - Bristol, UK

"My business was established in 2017 to tackle workplace stress through culture change, teaching stress reduction tools and emotional intelligence."


Sarah Elliott
Intend2Lead and Ellivate Alliance - Texas, US

"My life's work is to bring a more conscious, evolved leadership model to the accounting profession and the world at large."


Jaime Campbell
Tier One Services, LLC - Florida, US

"My cause is FREEDOM and that takes the form of social justice and of equity. I bring the best that I've got to every community I create or am part of."


Twyla Verhelst
Helm - Alberta, CA
"Inclusivity goes beyond gender, race, age and religion, it also includes social and physical (dis)abilities. One of my career goals is to create a company culture that is comfortable and accommodating to all people, no matter where they come from or what their circumstances are."

Geraldine Magarey
Chartered Accountants Australia + New Zealand - Sydney, AU

"The very human skills we have as people combined with our technical knowledge plus the ability to embrace technology will ensure the profession is well set for the future."


Stacia Neugent
GreerWalker LLP - North Carolina, US
"It is my job to address the flexibility that others may need and to help make sure the firm is supporting that."

Sonya Livshits
BooksTime, Inc - Massachusetts, US

"As an immigrant to the US, I make a special point to create opportunities for great accountants of all nationalities and backgrounds. I've been lucky enough to achieve my American Dream - now I want to help others do the same. "


Sarah Jenkins
Milsted Langdon LLP - Taunton and Bristol, UK

"I am in the lucky position that I can use my own skills and experience to help my colleagues with their development and training, promoting change in the firm and the industry."


Shanu Mehta
MMC Convert - Indore, India

"The notion of financial literacy especially among the women at the grassroots level has been a very sensitive and important concern for me as an individual as well as an entrepreneur. This sentiment comes naturally to me since I have my roots from a very small town in India"


Robyn Jacobson
TaxBanter Pty Ltd - Melbourne, AU
"I strive to ’make a difference’, and advocate for a better tax system where the law and administration is clearer, less complex, and fairer for taxpayers and practitioners."

Irene Bennetts
Admin Army - Havelock North, NZ

"One of my key drivers is to get people (business as a whole) excited about bookkeeping. So many people have the perception that it is "just data entry", but it is so much more than that. It's time to change the way this vital role is viewed."


Debrah Burleigh
Debrah Burleigh and Associates Ltd - Surrey, CA
"As technology develops making things easier for business owners to do their bookkeeping, it is important that we as bookkeepers change our roles to more advisory services."

Nayo Carter-Gray
1st Step Accounting LLC - Baltimore, US
"Sometimes it is discouraging when you don't see yourself represented in a space and you just want to talk to someone who understands your needs and language. Building this community is important to me so that in the future these same accountants will be brave enough to lend their voices, faces and expertise to grow the accounting industry as a whole."

Amanda Aguillard
Aguillard Accounting, Elefant, Accounting Salon - New Orleans, US

"At Elefant our mission is help accountants and bookkeepers leverage technology to build the practices of their dreams. For me, this was being able to run a practice as a single mom while being present for my children."


Pamela Phillips
de Jong Phillips Ltd - Epsom, UK
"I think it’s important to embrace that we are all on a learning journey, whether we are 8 years or 80 years. Leaders come in all shapes and ages!"

Heather D Satterley
Satterley Training & Consulting, Backoffice Ally, The 'Appy Hour with Liz and Heather - Rhode Island, US
"My hope is that by openly sharing my experience and knowledge, including my successes and failures, it may empower others to own their future, invest in themselves, and ultimately share their wealth of knowledge and expertise with others."

Kathryn Wellum-Kent
MHA Monahans - Bath, UK

"I'm passionate about supporting new and growing businesses. They are vital for the local economy. My particular area of interest is the technology sector. I find the work that they do incredibly interesting and often very inspiring."


Dyean Moodley
KPMG Australia - Sydney, AU

"My purpose is to empower others and make a difference for consequence and benefit. It’s important to me that I give back to the profession that has given me so many varied and amazing opportunities."


Nikki Adams
Ad Valorem Group - Milton Keynes, UK

"I have developed Ad Valorem as a family-friendly meritocracy where regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or age every person is treated as an individual."


Amanda Jane Gascoigne
Amanda Gascoigne Consulting - Newcastle, AU

"I believe I am helping develop contemporary accounting practices being lead by the next generation of leaders who feel totally comfortable about doing practice and life their way."


Tori van der Donk
Aegis Business Services - Brisbane, AU

"As founder and owner of my firm, I am ultimately responsible for driving this inclusivity. This is easy for me as I'm naturally inclined to ensure everyone feels included."


Allison Hawkins
Hawkins & Co. Accounting - Ontario, CA

"I try and look for those unique experiences within our team and how they can leverage those in the workplace. It creates a very honest and open culture and customers sense that. It’s also given staff the permission and freedom to propose non-traditional things in the workplace and truly be who they are."


Amy Bradbury
Empowered Profit - Maryland, USA

"I believe the future of accounting is virtual, relationship and knowledge-based. Clients don’t just need someone to help them fill out forms. They want a real partner & advisor, who can speak to them in a way they can understand and support them in growing their businesses."


Petra King
Xperion - Brisbane, AU

"Despite the trend in accounting industry, we take on graduates. We believe in them, and give them hands on experience they need to become better at whatever they chose to do."


Jane Pollard
Catalyst Accounting & Tax - Warwick, AU
"We work on improving the financial literacy of these clients' family and support workers and our goal is to look for ways to increase their inclusivity in our local community."

Heather Townsend
The Accountants Millionaires' Club - Bedfordshire, UK

"I have seen first hand how lonely it can be to run your own accountancy firm. This is why we set up a community of global accountancy firm owners to support and help each other to grow their firms."


Jana Cinnamon
Abdo, Eick & Meyers, LLP - Minnesota, US

"I firmly believe in this profession. It has been fun for me to see how individuals can carve out a unique career path that matches their interests and strengths."


Alexi Boyd
Small Biz Matters - Sydney, AU

"Advocacy for the industry has been the reason why I started the radio show in the first place. I felt that at the local level no one was speaking for us, so I started a radio show."


Neha Nayyar
Sum and Substance Bookkeeping and Training - Melbourne, AU

"We’ve helped the younger generation of Accountants who are just starting out with their practice by assisting them in putting the right systems and processes in place from the get-go."


Meghan Blair-Valero
Fogged In Bookkeeping, Inc - Massachusetts, US

"I feel strongly that simple statistical diversity is not enough and inclusion that doesn't require assimilation is essential. Continued collaborations between this group and outside groups like Fintech Women have the potential to open so many more doors for women in accounting."


Sarah Lawrance
Hot Toast - Sydney, AU

"I have been lucky to have strong female mentors along my career path and knowing that not all women have that opportunity I try to reflect out in the industry what I see back so that others can have that opportunity."


Lakshmipriya Chinnakonda
Priya Business Consulting Services PLC - Cedar Rapids, US

"Automation is the key for the next generation of leaders - wherever possible, process efficiency should be evaluated and implemented."


Pam Madytianos
2 Peas Pty Ltd - Melbourne, AU

"I have clarity of vision which I am able to flow into a clear business strategy. I can successfully execute on that strategy by leading people through change, while building their confidence and capability.."


Bianca Bonilla
TaxSmart Inc - California, US

"As a proud Latina, I’m a huge advocate for my community, especially Latina business owners. Back in my home country of Guatemala, I’m training a team of young women in bookkeeping and cloud accounting practices."


Adriana Cavallo
BGL Corporate Solutions - Melbourne, AU

"Being in a senior management position at BGL has allowed me to work directly with other women & employees to include them in different areas of the business such as events, brand representation, strategy planning & promoting decision making at BGL."


Lisa Campbell
The Marcam Group - Burlington, CA
"We will only elevate our industry standards by working together and sharing successes and methodologies."

Suzy Kerton
Zyla Accountants - London, UK

"I strongly believe that diversity is the key to success and the accounting profession still has a long way to go."


Ria-Jaine Lincoln
Ria-Jaine and Co Ltd - Milton Keynes, UK

"I actively work hard to build strong partnerships and relationships within the workplace and work hard to create an atmosphere that is welcoming for all, small things such as being on time, reliable and available for my staff member."


Tanya Hilts
Cloud Bookkeeping Services - Ontario, CA

"Our goal is to help accounting professionals think outside the box, fine tune their processes, increase their confidence, expand their services and teach them how to market to their ideal clients with current technology, all while keeping their costs on a minimum budget."


Mindy Levy
Bean Counter 4 Hire, LLC - Nashville, US

"I feel that technology and continuing education are the most important investments in developing the next generation of accounting professionals."


Jackeline Velez
Xero - Texas, US

"Accountants truly want to help their clients succeed. Many times, this is at the sacrifice of their own time, life-quality, voice, efforts and business. I strive to inspire Accountants to see that work and life balance and quality are possible."


Julie Shipp
Blumer CPAs & Thriveal CPA Network - South Carolina, US

"Thriveal's work and influence on the profession is extremely important to firm owners like myself (and including myself!) to provide the tools & educational content to support and grow our firms in a healthy way with a community to back us up when we need care as owners."


Jo Doye
Alluvia Financial - Bendigo, AU

"At Alluvia, we focus on making sure our team have a balanced life. We want to get the best out of them at work and know that this comes from them having a happy and healthy life outside of work."


Alana Nicklin
Plugged-IN CPA Accounting and Tax - New Brunswick, CA

"In my opinion accounting has never been so exciting. A profession that has seen little change is years now is being entirely reshaped."


Linda Hamilton
Linda A Hamilton CPA LLC - New York City, US

"I have helped build & support educational programs that promote growth & sustainability for women-owned companies, teaching growth, budgeting, & financial forecasting.


Mariel Diaz
Accounting for Jewelers LLC - Memphis, US

"I'm inspired by the forward thinking and fun/light heartedness that Xero brings to Accounting, while maintaining standards."


Eleanor Shakeshaft
Your Business Accountants - Perth, AU

"I believe it is important for Australia to have adequately qualified individuals who can make a huge difference to the industry and the economy."


Teresa L. Slack
Financly Bookkeeping Solutions - Ontario, CA

"Women in particular tend to undervalue themselves and I strive to help them to see their value more clearly and have the confidence to charge rates that allow them to build a successful and sustainable business."


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